How ergonomic chairs increase productivity at work

How ergonomic chairs increase productivity at work

Choosing the right office furniture for your needs can be a difficult task. With a wide range of options, it is sometimes difficult to know what the key differences are when it comes to office chair brands and various designs chair. Studies have shown that having the right office furniture in the workplace can be an important factor in increasing the productivity of your workforce, by offering the right kind of support to the body while we work. Ergonomic chairs and furniture are often expensive, but can be well worth the investment in the long term. That’s why ergonomic office chairs continue to prove a popular choice in the workplace.

Ergonomic chairs can boost productivity and health

Having the right ergonomic chair can drastically improve your productivity just by giving you the right posture. Slouching and poor posture are commonly associated with a relaxed seating position, which might seem to be more comfortable, but does not lead to good working habits. A slouched seating position will more than likely mean that you are more relaxed at work and not as focused on what you are doing. It can lead to a more laid back approach and a much less productive environment. Ergonomic chairs provide the perfect upright seating position and give you great posture while you work to keep you more focused on the task at hand.

There are also many health benefits to be gained from an ergonomic office chair that can ensure the health of your employees in the long-term. Having good posture while seated will regulate the blood flow around the body. Without the correct posture the blood does not circulate around the body properly and you end up feeling lethargic and tired. An ergonomic chair can reduce this feeling and leave you feeling active and ready to work.  One of the biggest complaints in the work environment is of a bad back, which is commonly related to poor posture. So not only is it more productive, but by having ergonomic task chairs you are ensuring have a healthier posture while at work and are less likely to be off sick with health problems.

Choosing an ergonomic office chair

When it comes to selecting the perfect ergonomic office chair for your office environment, it can be hard to know which chair to choose. While ergonomic chairs are designed to offer good posture while working, an office chair still needs to be comfortable, as your employees will spend most of their time sat at their desk. Narrowing down your search by Chair Type or Brand can help, while our experts are always on hand to offer advice based on your requirements.

One of our most popular ergonomic chairs is the Orangebox Go Office Chair; an affordable product that offers great support for your back. While, a number of ergonomic office chairs come with a mesh backrest. This is a great addition to any chair as it allows the air to circulate properly and lets the body breathe. This means you can maintain the perfect body temperature while working and you won’t get too hot. The Orangebox Do Chair is the perfect example of this.

All of these factors contribute to improving productivity in the workplace. By changing the office chairs for ergonomic task chairs, you can drastically improve your workload and create a more productive office environment. Take a look at our full range of ergonomic office chairs for further inspiration and to find the product that’s right for you.

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